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Open House On Murder

Open House On Murder

Have you ever had a story that you just couldnít get out of your head? I couldnít finish the story I was working on fast enough when I started thinking about Open House On Murder. I always planned to go into real estate, it didnít happen but we did dabble in buying/selling for ourselves. Then I read a news story about women agents being assaulted when they were showing property. Wow, the plot seemed to leap on the page, and the characters Aimee and Quin were ready and waiting to bring it to life.


Aimee Forrester has returned to the small town of her high school dreams. When her longtime friend offered her a partnership in her real estate company Aimee leaped at the chance to restart her life in the place she left her heart nineteen years earlier. Now with a new home, and a job she loves, she pushes away memories that still fill her nights with dreams.

Working with an elite serial killer work force Detective Quin Martina finds himself in his own back yard investigating a string of murders. The killer is targeting real estate agents conducting open houses. Bad enough, but worse when an agent in the reality office Aimee Forrester owns a partnership in, is a victim.

The investigation forces Aimee and Quin together and their past attraction to each other flares to a new passionate emotion that both fight to deny. With the killer spiraling more and more out of control Aimee is drawn in and gets his attention. The violence and fear ramp already stretched emotions.

Quin knows they have to bring this killer down fast before more lives are lost and before Aimee becomes a target.

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