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No Perfect Marriage

No Perfect Marriage
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No Perfect Marriage

Lulled into a false knowledge that they have a perfect marriage Sandra and Kade allow themselves to drift apart. When Sandra sees him with another woman she assumes the worst and leaves taking their teenage son with her.

Kade has allowed his wife Sandra to call the shots. He still canít believe she has moved her and their son in with her parents. Then he gets a call from her in the middle night saying their teenage son is in jail and he knows this is going to end. Their marriage may be in the toilet but he needs to get back into his sonís life. No more going along with the limbo Sandra has put them in. The marriage is over so they need to make it official. But first they need to get Josh home, and to do this they need to present a family image to the judge. Is the house big enough for both of them and can they live together until after the holidays?

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